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Smoothskin has provided 17,238 hair removal procedures since 2001 (as of 5/2/18).


The term "Laser Hair Removal" is being used loosely by the community to mean any light-based hair reduction method.  Amongst these technologies, a non-laser modality, Intense-pulsed pulsed Light (IPL) has emerged as a highly popular means of achieving permanent hair reduction. Owner, Dr. Don Rainone has experienced multiple laser modalities and brands over the past decade and the client feedback overwhelmingly prefers IPL for its comfort, efficacy, and ease of scheduling.  All IPL treatments at Smoothskin, Inc. are performed by 1,200 hr. NH licensed estheticians. Dr. Rainone provides guidance and direction to our team of estheticians and is available for skin consultation.


Permanent hair reduction with light-based therapies has never been easier withthe next generation of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Devices. The Palomar Starlux® delivers higher energies with a cooler handpiece resulting in more effective and more comfortable treatments.


  1. The area to be treated is shaved.
  2. A light lotion is applied.
  3. The cold handpiece device is glided over the skin delivering bursts of light to the follicles.
  4. The pigment in your hair absorbs energy from the light and disables the hair follicle.
  5. You will feel a warm snapping sensation.


  • Mild itching or redness may last for one to several hours.  
  • It is recommended that you avoid exposure to intense heat such as hot shower, hot bath or hot tub, or rigorous cardio workout.  
  • You should also avoid direct unprotected sun exposure or tanning.
  • Some hair growth stunting may initially occur followed by purging of treated hairs from the follicles.
  • Multiple treatments over many months or even several years are required to accomplish desired reduction.  
  • A maintenance program is often necessary. 
  • Any remaining hairs are usually softer, finer, and lightermaking it much easier to manage with occasional light shaving, waxing, or maintenance IPL treatments.  

We offer partial, Brazilian, and full bikini.


  • Chin    $99  
  • Lip $79  
  • Chin/Lip    $149     
  • Underarms   $99  
  • Bikini - Full   $199     
  • Bikini - Standard   $149     
  • Back    $399     
  • Lower Legs  $249     

​Prices are per treatment.  

Number of treatments Varies.  ​

No forced packages - pay as you go!

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Enjoy freedom from frequent shaving, stubble, razor burn, ingrown hairs, & annoying facial hairs.  

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