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2016 Marines updated Tattoo Policy

$199/treatment session*

Before                         After 4 Treatments                After 8 Treatments

Recolored after 6 Treatments

Fade a Tattoo for a Cover Up

After 2 Treatments


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  1. A potent compounded numbing cream is applied for comfort for 20+ minutes.
  2. A cold aluminum roller is used during laser procedure for additional numbing.
  3. Dr. Rainone uses a gold standard in laser tattoo removal, the Cynosure RevLite® SI (a Q-switched Yag).  The ink in your tattoo absorbs the laser light and breaks up into tiny fragments swept away by your body's white blood cells. See Animation showing ink breaking up with laser.
  4. Aquaphor ointment and a dressing is applied.


Occasionally, especially with the first treatment or two, there can be blistering, sometimes quite large.Often there is some bleeding and scabbing similar to an abrasion. Healing is rapid from several days to a week. The amount of ink fading per treatment is not clearly seen until the wound is healed. The area is to be kept clean and Aquaphor ointment applied until healed and no further scabbing, peeling, or flaking is seen.

Older, more faded, black, and India Ink tattoos are the easiest to remove and take fewer treatments. 

Newer, darker, brighter, turquoise, green, white-blends, or recolored tattoos are more difficult to remove and may take many more treatments. 

Because of the differences of the amount of ink placed, the depth of ink, the brand and quality of inks, and the variations among individuals' immune system capability to heal and clear ink,the estimation of the number of treatments necessary is not possible, although 8 or more are likely.


  • Multiple tattoos treated in the same session may be eligible for a discount.
  • Prices subject to change at the discretion of Smoothskin, Inc.
  • Pricing is per individual laser treatment session and multiple treatments are necessary.

*Military recruit discounts are available on a limited basis and are subject to meeting specific requirements. 

We are currently working with Recruiter's offices from a variety of branches from all surrounding states including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine. Military discounts may not be combined with any other specials.

*Prices subject to change without notice
* Laser Tattoo Removal pricing $199 per session. Some restrictions apply. Patient and tattoo must meet certain requirement to be approved prior to treatment, larger or multiple tattoos may be separated into different sessions. We offer FREE consultations to discuss procedure and pricing and to determine eligibility for special.

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Smoothskin has performed 7,169  tattoo removal procedures since 2001 (as of 5/2/18).

Dr. Rainone is considered a leading expert in the New England area, and has proudly served as a luminary and speaker for Cynosure, Inc. in the past on the topic of Laser Tattoo Removal. 

Laser Tattoo Removal