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The Palomar Starlux® Green Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) clears uneven skin tone and diminishes mottled brown skin. The Cynosure RevLite® SI (a Q-switched Yag) may also be suggested.


Smoothskin has provide 4,011 Photofacials since 2001 (as of 5/2/18).


  1. A light lotion is applied to the treatment area.
  2. The cool handpiece glides along the affected area and delivers bright flashes of green light.
  3. The brown spots absorb the energy causing them to condense and break apart.

The procedure takes 15 minutes and several treatments spaced several weeks apart are necessary to achieve desired results.


Immediately return to normal activity with no bruising and essentially no down-time(brown spots can get slightly darker but smaller before they begin to fade). Microdermabrasion and/or Skin Care products may be recommended as well to speed up fading. Sun damage is the result of years of sun exposure and usually returns in some capacity even with the best of sun-screen protection.   In that regard, some form of maintenance treatments over time are usually necessary.


  1. Melasma - large brown patches typically on the cheeks, worsened by the sunand hormonal stimulation such as pregancy or oral contraceptive pills. Deep melasma may require laser by Dr. Rainone (instead of IPL) & advanced skin care regimen.
  2. Poikiloderma - The brown patches on the sides of the neck with accompanying redness (poikiloderma of civatte) is another condition treated by laser or IPL.
  3. Other Areas - CHEST, ARMS, & HANDS may be treated in addition to the face and neck.

Sun damage may also be accompanied by rough wrinkled skin. (See Laser Facials) Or broken capillaries.  (See  Rosacea) Or hyperpigmentation from healed acne breakouts. (See Laser Acne)


Starting at $199/treatment

Sun Damage Brown Spots Smoothskin Londonderry NH - also serving MA, RI, ME, VT


Frustrated by embarrassing sun damage? Sun damage can give you a lacy brown or brown-spotted complexion, brown spots, brown patches, brown pigmentation, brown splotches, age spots, sun spots, or freckles / freckling. 

Sun Damage